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2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories


2006 IPCC Guidelines for
National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Volume 4
Agriculture, Forestry
and Other Land Use
Chapter Chapter Name
- Cover Page of Volume 4pdf
1 Introductionpdf
2 Generic Methodologies Applicable to Multiple Land-Use Categoriespdf *8
3 Consistent Representation of Landspdf
4 Forest Landpdf *8
5 Croplandpdf *1
6 Grasslandpdf *1
7 Wetlandspdf *6
8 Settlementspdf
9 Other Landpdf
10 Emissions from Livestock and Manure Managementpdf *3 *7
11 N2O Emissions from Managed Soils, and CO2 Emissions from Lime and Urea Application pdf *1 *2 *6 *8
12 Harvested Wood Productspdf *5
Annex 1 Worksheetspdf *2 *3 *7 *8
Annex 2 Summary of Equationspdf
Appendix 1 CO2 Removals in Residual Combustion Products (Charcoal): Basis for Future Methodological Developmentpdf
Appendix 2 Possible Approach for Estimating CO2 Emissions from Lands Converted to Permanently Flooded Lands: Basis for Future Methodological Developmentpdf *2
Appendix 3 CH4 Emissions from Flooded Land: Basis for Future Methodological Developmentpdf
  • *1 : Corrected chapter(s) as of April 2007.
  • *2 : Corrected chapter(s) as of November 2008.
  • *3 : Corrected chapter(s) as of February 2009.
  • *5 : Corrected chapter(s) as of November 2010.
  • *6 : Corrected chapter(s) as of August 2011.
  • *7 : Corrected chapter(s) as of January 2013.
  • *8 : Corrected chapter(s) as of June 2014.

In addition the worksheets are provided here in MS Excel spreadsheet format as supporting material to assist users of the guidelines. They are simply the worksheets above translated into spreadsheets without any additional formulae.

3A1 Enteric Fermentation
3A2 Manure Management
3B1a Forest Land Remaining Forest Land
3B1b Land Converted to Forest Land
3B2a Cropland Remaining Cropland
3B2b Land Converted to Cropland
3B3a Grassland Remaining Grassland
3B3b Land Converted to Grassland
3B4a Wetlands Remaining Wetlands
3B4b Land Converted to Wetlands
3B5a Settlements Remaining Settlements
3B5b Land Converted to Settlements
3B6b Land Converted to Other Land
3C1a Biomass Burning - Forest Land
3C1b Biomass Burning - Cropland
3C1c Biomass Burning - Grassland
3C1d Biomass Burning - Wetlands
3C2 Liming
3C3 Urea Fertilization
3C4 Direct N2O emissions from Managed Soils
3C5 Indirect N2O emissions from Managed Soils
3C6 Indirect N2O emissions from Manure Management
3C7 Rice Cultivation

All Worksheets of 2006GLs (all in one file. zipped. 201KB)