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Establishing a Database on Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors

Meeting Report

(To be edited)

This meeting was held from 24 to 25 July 2000 in New Delhi, India.

Files can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Meeting Report

Annexes: (presentations made in the meeting)

1: Establishing a database on GHG emission factors

2: Database on methane emissions from rice fields 

3:  Achievements of Phare Topic Link on Air Emissions in the field of emission factors

4:  Experiences of the UNECE Task Force on Emission Inventories

5:  Activities of the UNFCCC in relation to GHG inventories and views on the IPCC emission factors database

6:  Activity data collection mechanism of the International Energy Agency for its CO2 emissions database - relevant highlights

7:  Emission factors for GHGs from small scale combustion