3rd Corrigenda for IPCC 2006 Guidelines


  • In Volume 4-2, Chapter 10, page 10.29, Table 10.11 containing the Tier 1 enteric fermentation emission factors for methane emissions from livestock has been replaced by a revised Table 10.11 that contains recalculated emission factors as the emission factors given in the Table 10.11 earlier were not solely based on the values of default parameters and assumptions given in the 2006 IPCC Guidelines but used some from the IPCC Good Practice Guidance 2000 and 1996 IPCC Guidelines instead.
  • In Volume 4-2, Annex 1: Worksheets, Worksheets 3C1a(1&2) (pageA1.48-49), 3C1b(1&2)(page A1.50-51), 3C1c(1&2)(page A1.52-53) and 3C1d(page A1.54), the formulas for emissions of CH4, CO, N2O and NOx respectively should read “Lfire-CH4 =A * MB * Cf *Gef * 10-3” etc. instead of “Lfire-CH4 =A * MB * Cf *Gef * 10-6” etc.


Simon Eggleston
Head, TSU
February 2009


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