Previous Meetings (Good Practice Guidance: October 1998 - March 2000)


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Managing Uncertainty in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories:  Wrap-up Meeting

28 February to
1 March 2000
Sydney, Australia Participants' List
  File updated  24/3/00
Good Practice in Inventory Preparation:    Uncertainties and Cross Cutting Issues in Inventory Management 5-7 October 1999 Culham, United Kingdom Agenda   File updated 12/10/99
Participants' List
  File updated  12/10/99
Good Practice in Inventory Preparation:  Emissions from Waste 27-29 July 1999 Sao Paulo, Brazil Agenda   File updated 30/8/99
Participants' List
  File updated  30/8/99
Good Practice in Inventory Preparation:  Energy, Transport and Fugitive Emissions 28-30 April 1999 Prague,
Czech Republic
Agenda   File updated 10/5/99
Participants' List
  File updated  18/5/99
Good Practice in Inventory Preparation: Agricultural Sources of Methane and Nitrous Oxide 24-26 February 1999 Wageningen,
The Netherlands
Agenda  File updated 17/2/99
Participants' List
  File updated  10/3/99
Good Practice in Inventory Preparation:  Industrial Processes and the New Gases 26-28 January 1999 Washington D.C., USA Agenda File updated  7/1/99
Participants' List
  File updated  9/3/99
Managing Uncertainties in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories 13-15 October 1998 Paris, France Meeting report 











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