Expert Meeting on Emission Estimation of
Aerosols Relevant to Climate Change

Meeting Report

This meeting was held from 2 to 4 May 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland.

All PDF files below are available as a single zip file here. (ZIP, 12.4MBytes)

Meeting Report (PDF, 257Kbytes)

Annex 7: (Key Note Presentations)

1: Direct effects of aerosols on climate: What do we know? (PDF, 3.2Mbytes)
Prof. Joyce Penner, University of Michigan, USA

2: Indirect Effects: Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics (PDF, 1.3Mbytes)
Prof. Ulrike Lohmann, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Switzerland

3: EC/OC Emissions: Current Understanding & Relevant Issues (PDF, 3.9Mbytes)
Dr. Zhang Xiaoye, Centre for Atmosphere Watch & Services, China

4: Aerosol Coupling with Photochemistry of Greenhouse Gases (PDF, 2.9Mbytes)
Professor Michael Prather, University of California, USA

5: Definitional Issues for Aerosols (PDF, 1.2Mbytes)
Dr. Tami Bond, University of Illinois, USA

6: Soil Dust Emissions (PDF, 1.5Mbytes)
Dr. Ina Tegen, Institute for Tropospheric Research, Germany

7: Practical Experiences of Aerosol Inventory Preparation - European Perspective (PDF, 246Kbytes)
Dr. Kristin Rypdal, CICERO & Dr Zbigniew Klimont (IIASA)

8: Aerosol Emission Measurements (PDF, 323Kbytes)
Ms. Lisa Graham, Environment Canada

9: Global Estimates of Carbonaceous Aerosols using Bottom-Up Methods (PDF, 537Kbytes)
Dr. Tami Bond, University of Illinois, USA


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