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The IPCC Inventory Software implements the simplest Tier 1 methods for all sectors and Tier 2 methods for most categories under Energy, IPPU and Waste Sectors as well as Agriculture categories under AFOLU Sector in the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (please see Tier2_coverage.xlsx). The TFI is currently working on making it compatible with the Tier 2 methods for the Land component of the AFOLU Sector.


This software has a number of improvements over the earlier software for the Revised 1996 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, which is not supported anymore.






  • User Manual (Ver 2.691)pdf
    >> French version is available here, thanks to the cooperation of Government of Belgium.
    >> Arabic version is also available here, thanks to the cooperation of Sidati Ould Dah Ould EIDA (CCPNCC).






When setting the password always set the password Hint too. It is highly recommended that you take note of your password and store it in a safe place, in case you lose or forget your password, the software does not have a mechanism to restore your password, this means that you can no longer access your database.


About options for using the IPCC Inventory Software with macOS, please refer to FAQ section below.




Help Desk: email


Frequently Asked Questions


1) General questions on the use of the IPCC Inventory Software.

Q1-1: Could the IPCC Inventory Software be used with macOS?

A: The IPCC Inventory Software can run on a MS Windows only. If you have Intel Mac (Mac with Intel CPU), there are two ways (both involve purchasing a copy of MS Windows):


  • Using "Boot Camp Assistant" to install Windows and switch to MS Windows when rebooting. "Boot Camp Assistant" is part of macOS so that its use doesn't entail any additional cost;

  • Using virtualization software that runs Windows OS on macOS without rebooting. Most common virtualization software are VMware, Fusion, Parallels Desktop, Virtual Box (free option), Wine, QEMU etc.


Q1-2: Do I need to uninstall the older version of the IPCC Inventory Software before I install the upgraded one? How can I ensure a proper data transition to the new version?

A: You can run the upgraded version without having to uninstall the older one (software will be upgraded automatically).

In order not to lose your data, any unforeseeable should occur, please implement the following steps:


  • Before upgrading, make sure to backup your database as mdb file (go to Database>Save as), and also archive a copy of it;

  • Upgrade the software;

  • Open your backed-up version of the database in the upgraded software (go to Database>Open database);

  • After opening database, the following message will appear: "Your database will be upgraded. It is strongly recommended to make a backup of the original database. Would you like to backup now?". Then please select "Yes" (backup of original database may be useful for archiving purpose, e.g. in case its copy does not exist).


Q1-3: What is the purpose of data import/export in XML format? Could XML data be imported from different versions of the IPCC Inventory Software and for the time series?
A: XML import/export of data is a fundamental functionality of the software needed for GHG Inventory compilation (e.g. inventory coordinator compiles data by importing relevant XML files received from sectoral experts). The import/export of XML data can be performed only within the same software version (e.g. export from v.2.54 to v.2.691, and vice versa, is not allowed). Current functionality allows import/export of data only for the single inventory year (future plans are to have time series XML export/import function).


2) Sector-specific questions on the use of the IPCC Inventory Software.







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