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TFI Technical Support Unit


The Technical Support Unit (TSU) for TFI is based at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Japan. The Unit is supported by the Government of Japan. The TSU provides scientific, technical and organisational support to the TFI under the overall supervision of the Task Force Bureau (TFB).


The establishment of TSU at IGES was completed in September 1999 with substantial co-operation amongst the IPCC, OECD, IEA, Government of Japan and other related institutions. Currently, nine staff members are working in the TSU at IGES.




An intern programme was launched in 2003 to provide opportunity to young researchers/scientists to familiarise themselves with the IPCC methodologies for national GHG inventories through applied studies on the science relevant to specific sector(s).

[ TFI-TSU Internship ]


Staff Members


Dr Sandro Federici Head
Dr Baasansuren Jamsranjav Senior Programme Officer
Ms Maya Fukuda Programme Officer
Mr Pavel Shermanau Programme Officer
Dr Sekai Ngarize Programme Officer
Mr Yurii Pyrozhenko Programme Officer
Mr Toru Matsumoto IT Officer
Ms Eriko Nakamura Administrative Officer
Ms Koh Mikuni Administrative Officer


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Please feel free to contact us on matters relating to the IPCC TFI.

Contact details are:


Technical Support Unit
IPCC Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
C/o Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama, Kanagawa
240-0115 Japan
Phone: +81-46-855-3750
Facsimile: +81-46-855-3808
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